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Tucker Carlson: Someday Historians Will Discover Why Everyone In Aspen, Nantucket, And Bethesda Went All-In For Zelensky On Day One

via Tucker Carlson on Youtube
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Tucker Carlson discussed his divergent views on the Ukraine war, the COVID-19 vaccine, and events like January 6.

He expressed skepticism regarding the rush to support Ukraine and criticized the media’s handling of the vaccine.

Carlson also addressed his stance on Israel and Gaza, highlighting his perspective as an American and his disappointment with the lack of focus on domestic issues. (Trending: Famous Actor Under Investigation After Calling For Biden’s Execution)

He also criticized the American ruling class for prioritizing foreign conflicts over domestic concerns, emphasizing the need to address internal issues before getting involved in external affairs.

“Looking back on it, the Ukraine war and the vaccine, and to some extent January 6, on which I have been fundamentally vindicated — I had out-of-step views on all three things,” Carlson said.

“Two of them were absolute red lines — like you couldn’t go there. And I think for different reasons.”

“The vaccine, obviously the pharma companies are the biggest advertisers in media. They don’t advertise to sell their products, people aren’t buying them directly, so why are they doing that?”

“Not to sell the product, but to influence the coverage of the product, and that is very effective. So I crossed that line in a big way because I thought the vaccine was dangerous, and it turns out it was.”

“And then on Ukraine, it’s like every single person in the top 1% of income and influence heard this weird frequency, this dog whistle, that commanded them to worship Zelensky.”

“And I’m not entirely sure what that was. I looked at Zelensky and thought, ‘That guy’s bad. He wants to get my country involved in a nuclear war!'”

“I don’t know him so I’m not attacking him personally, but anyone who wants my kids to risk death in a nuclear war is my enemy, so I thought, ‘This guy is evil.’ To the extent that he is acting against my children’s interests.”

“And saying that was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ Like a bomb going off, people couldn’t even deal with it. And I’m not quite sure what that was, other than everybody in Aspen, Nantucket, Jackson [Hole], and Bethesda was like all in on this thing. Someday historians will discover why. I don’t really know. But that fact is true.”

“This is another thing. I rejected the system early on, but you came up in it, and you also openly gave them the middle finger while growing up and living next to them for years. I’ve watched with Ukraine and Israel, there was a lot in particular consternation around comments you made, by Ben Shapiro and others, where you were like, ‘I”ve never seen this level of care about Americans who are dying of fentanyl,'” Saagar Enjeti said.

“I’ve watched the entire right-wing ecosystem get embroiled in what is fundamentally a third-world conflict. We can say support, not support, criticisms, but what explains this literal allegiance to this narrative on Ukraine and Israel? Why is it that these people don’t seem to have the same level of care for actual American citizens?”

“I’m not hostile, I’ve never hated Ukraine,” Carlson said.

“I don’t have any feelings towards Ukraine. Russia same thing, I’ve never been to either place and I’m not invested emotionally. I can just look at it from an American perspective.”

“In the case of Israel and the Arab world, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in both and I like both. I felt terrible for the people who were killed on October 7, and I still do, so I had no weird motive, I was just thinking about it from an American perspective. Is this good for us or not?”

“And I was just amazed by the intolerance and the willingness to immediately go to invective and character assassination. First of all, if the people who live in Gaza and are being moved out, are so dangerous that they can’t live in the region, why would you want them in my country?”

“They can’t live there because it is too scary to live next to them, but they can live next to me? At that point, I felt very hostile about that because it showed such contempt for my family and for me… So I was disgusted by that. I don’t know why that’s weird. Why wouldn’t I be offended by that?”

“It was immediately I’m a hater or a bigot or stuff like that… attacks that aren’t true. If somebody said, ‘Oh, you’ve gained some weight this summer,’ it would hurt my feelings because it is true. If someone’s like you’re a hater, that’s not true so I don’t really care.”

“It showed the level of not just corruption, which I knew, but like emotional instability and craziness.”

“I stopped reading it, but there are people on the ‘right’ who have spent the last two months as our own country becomes increasingly unstable, on the brink of financial collapse, with tens of millions of people who shouldn’t be here in the country, we don’t know their identities or their purpose for being here. Stuff that could destroy the country for real. And they’ve said nothing about that.”

“They’re focused with laser intensity on foreign conflicts. At some point, I’ve got four kids, if I’m so caught up in the problems of my neighbor’s children and ignoring my own children as they get addicted to drugs and kill themselves.”

“I’m not against helping my neighbors kids, but clearly, I’d not love my kids. That’s the only logical conclusion. They don’t care about the country at all. I do because I have no choice.”

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