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Robots Are Patrolling Downtown Denver Parking Garages

via Central Oregon Daily News on Youtube
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LoDoMus Prime and Dave, autonomous security robots, patrol parking garages in downtown Denver to prevent car theft and vandalism.

These 5½ feet tall, 420-pound robots equipped with 4K-quality video recording, thermal imaging, and public address systems have reduced car thefts and vandalism by more than 70% since their deployment in October 2022.

While they raise both privacy and ethical concerns, the company behind them has emphasized their role in enhancing public safety without being armed. (Trending: Famous Actor Under Investigation After Calling For Biden’s Execution)

Despite initial mishaps with autonomous security robots, they are increasingly being deployed in various venues, including office buildings, airports, and casinos.

“During COVID, security was a concern across many markets,” CIM Group principal Bethany Chang said.

“And LoDo wasn’t immune to that. We were researching ways to support our security system, our security team, and we heard about this. We thought it was a very smart innovation.”

“When a bad guy looks at that they’re thinking, ‘What is that thing going to do?’ ” Knightscope spokesman Stacy Stephens said.

“All that together creates a much more robust public safety system,” Stephens said.

“There’s a big, red solid line between what we do and that,” Stephens said of the robots being unarmed.

“Our tenants have been very happy to have the enhanced security,” Chang said.

“They’re robots but they seem sort of friendly robots. I’ve never heard any questions about any invasion of privacy.”

“More than anything, people appreciate we are taking an extra step to make their experience as safe as possible.”

“People say, ‘You’re in public and you don’t have privacy,’ ” researcher Michael Anderson said.

“That sounds sort of dystopian.”

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