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Cornel West, RFK Momentum Terrifies Scrambling Biden Allies

via CNBC
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Reports indicate that third-party candidates, including Cornel West and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., have persisted in their campaigns, causing concern among allies of President Joe Biden.

The emergence of third-party candidates has led to increased efforts from the Democrat party establishment to keep Biden in office, with a focus on retaining progressive and moderate voters.

The possibility of third-party candidates influencing the election outcome, as seen in past elections, has sparked anxiety within the Democrat establishment. (Trending: Trump Releases Must-See Christmas Message)

According to NBC News, “With the centrist Democratic think tank Third Way acting as the hub, other groups in the coalition have focused on their expertise: is working to keep progressive voters in the fold; ‘never Trump’ groups like the Lincoln Project are trying to do the same for moderates; a new bipartisan group founded by former House Democratic leader Richard Gephardt has been engaging Washington graybeards to write op-eds and talk to donors; Reproductive Freedom for All produced an ad claiming No Labels wants a national abortion ban; End Citizens United has been playing up potential campaign finance issues; and the opposition research super PAC American Bridge has retained Democratic lawyer Marc Elias to look for opportunities to bring legal challenges to third-party candidates.”

“Though no third party candidate has won a modern election – and no third party candidate has won electoral college votes since George Wallace carried five Deep South states in 1968 – a handful of candidates have been credited with influencing recent outcomes,” continued the outlet.

“Ross Perot’s 1992 race sucked support from George H.W. Bush, helping propel Bill Clinton to the White House. And more recently, Hillary Clinton’s allies blame Jill Stein for eroding Clinton’s support just enough for Trump to emerge victorious in key states,” NBC News reported.

“With Biden’s popularity tumbling as problems at home and abroad mount, West and Kennedy seek to exploit the same opening that the anxious Democrat establishment is shuffling to close. Biden’s allies have even been accused of viciously targeting a former Biden aide who has spoken out against the flailing campaign – a clear threat to others considering breaking the ‘Biden code of silence,'” concluded the outlet.

Additionally, there are indications of growing dissatisfaction with Biden’s presidency, with speculation about the potential replacement of Biden on the ballot.

Cornel West’s strategic campaign moves, particularly in targeting Arab American votes in Michigan, and the impact of refugee populations on the political landscape in states like Michigan and Minnesota, are also highlighted.

There are warnings from both Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans about the potential impact of third-party candidates on the election, but with a significant number of former Biden voters seeking an alternative, these warnings may not be heeded.

Kurt Bardella, a former Republican said, “Candidates not named Trump or Biden will likely outperform previous third-party campaign benchmarks in an unprecedented way.”

“While I understand the frustration with the two-party system, the reality is when it comes to the 2024 election, a vote for anyone else but the Democratic nominee is a vote for Donald Trump,” he continued.

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