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Charlie Hurt Says DeSantis Campaign Has Been A Disappointment, Republicans Voters Are ‘Appalled At The Political System, Not Trump’

via CBN News

In a discussion about the 2024 primary race, Charlie Hurt analyzed the prospects of Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis.

Despite Haley’s financial backing, she trails Donald Trump by a significant margin in Iowa.

Hurt emphasized that Republicans are still supportive of Trump and are seeking a strong contender. (Trending: Trans Athlete Breaks College Record After Joining Women’s Team)

While Haley may surprise everyone, consistently coming in second place will clearly not secure a win.

DeSantis, despite extensive efforts in Iowa, has failed to gain significant traction.

Hurt criticized the mechanics of DeSantis’s campaign, deeming it highly disappointing given his record in Florida.

“The Iowa caucus is about three weeks away now, and it is really starting to heat up. Nikki Haley has new life in Iowa after getting backed by a super PAC founded by the Koch brothers. She has the money to spend,” a Fox News Host said.

“But according to the Real Clear Politics polling average, she trails Donald Trump by 35 points in Iowa. The question is, is it too late for Haley in Iowa?”

“I don’t know if it’s too late or just insurmountable from the beginning,” Hurt said.

“At the beginning of all this, it was anybody’s guess whether or not Republicans were exhausted of the Trump thing, everything dealing with Trump.”

“And as it turns out, and it is becoming clear, and has been for a few months now, they’re not. They look at the treatment that the political system has given, and the way the political system has treated Donald Trump, they’re appalled with the political system, not Trump.”

“What they want is a fighter and obviously, the Koch brothers and other huge money donors have gotten behind DeSantis, they will get behind anybody to stand up to Donald Trump because they want a safer pick, they are not as committed to Trump as his supporters are.”

“Nikki Haley might end up surprising everybody, but if everybody, whether Iowa or New Hampshire or South Carolina, if everybody keeps coming in doing a respectable second place, at the end of it, you will be in second place, you will not be in first place.”

“If Donald Trump racks up all the wins, even with 51%, at the end of the game, it is just a slow death instead of a quick death.”

“That is one way of putting it. You say second place, but it is well back in second place,” the host said.

“DeSantis has visited all 99 counties in Iowa, he spent a lot of time, a third of his staff moved to Iowa, he doesn’t seem to be making a lot of impact, and doesn’t get the traction I thought he would get.”

“It’s truly amazing, especially considering the record he established in Florida, but he has run a terrible campaign and when you look under the hood and when you look at the mechanics of the way they spent money and raised money, how they operated, it is the most disappointing campaign, mechanics, that I have ever seen,” Hurt said.

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