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Ravens’ Lamar Jackson Takes Aim At NFL Reporter Over ‘Disrespectful’ Prediction

via Joey Wagner - Steelers Streamer
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Lamar Jackson confronted Mike Florio for predicting a 49ers victory over the Ravens, emphasizing the team’s capabilities and professionalism.

Florio later apologized for his remarks.

“We’re in the NFL. We play ball. Not to take away from that team, but you can’t just discredit us. We’re grown men. We have to feed our families,” Jackson said. (Trending: Democrat Found Guilty In Corruption Trial)

“(Mike Florio) can have his opinion, but don’t just talk like that. That’s disrespectful. That’s very disrespectful.”

“Not to take away from the 49ers at all, because they’re great all across the board, but we’re going to come to play as well.”

“Our record (isn’t a) fluke. We play ball, and we showed that. He just needs to keep doing his job, but just don’t come off like that towards us.”

“That’s disrespectful, like I said, because he isn’t putting the pads on. If he was putting the pads on, I feel like it would’ve been different for him. He wouldn’t say that. He’d be respectful.”

“I say that to say this; we’re respectful to our opponents. Our opponents are respectful to us, but a guy who’s not even playing against us (and) just coming out and being disrespectful, I guess he wanted more views on his little channel. We’re going to leave it at that.”

“Lamar is right. I apologize for how I phrased my opinion. I believed the 49ers were dramatically better than every other team in the NFL: Cowboys, Eagles, Chiefs, Dolphins, everyone. The Ravens proved otherwise. They deserve complete and total respect for what they accomplished,” Florio wrote.

Jackson’s strong performance, with two touchdown passes and 45 rushing yards, helped the Ravens secure a significant win.

Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen highlighted the team’s resilience in the face of doubt.

“Everybody was writing us off before we even had a chance to play. We knew what we were capable of, and everybody counted us out. [They] didn’t expect us to even hold up,” Queen said.

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