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Aaron Rodgers Says Critics of His Roster Return Are Same People Who Attacked His Vax Status

via ESPN
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Aaron Rodgers criticized those who opposed the New York Jets’ decision to put him back on the roster, attributing it to the same people who attacked him over his vaccine status.

He clarified that it was not his decision to be placed on the active roster and expressed concern about displacing another player.

“I assumed I was gonna go on IR (Injured Reserve). I asked to be put on IR,” Rodgers said. (Trending: Democrat Found Guilty In Corruption Trial)

“There was a conversation, ‘do you want to practice,’ and I said, ‘not at the expense of somebody getting cut.’”

“I know how this works. I didn’t feel like I needed to practice to continue my rehab. I could do on-the-field stuff on the side.”

“But obviously, I got overruled there, maybe it is what it is. That was an interesting situation.”

“I called Nick right away, just said ‘I hope you know this isn’t coming from me. I asked them to put me on IR.” he said.

Head coach Robert Saleh confirmed that Rodgers asked to be placed on the injured reserve but the team had roster flexibility to activate him.

“He expressed concern about taking somebody else’s roster spot,” Saleh said.

“But we had roster flexibility and the ability to, so we did.”

Rodgers came after the critics of the roster move, suggesting that their opinions are simply influenced by his vaccine status and medical freedom beliefs.

“Before they talk, let’s go back to 2021 and let’s make people say their vax status to start. That’ll frame all these comments in the right window,” Rodgers said.

“Before they say something, let’s have them say, and ESPN is probably going to shut us off here, let’s have them say, ‘Hey, I’m so-and-so, double vaxxed with Pfizer and triple boosted, and my opinion is this guy is a bad guy because he just wanted to practice and took money away,’” Rodgers said.

“At least then you’d know, and everybody would know at that point, they have their puppet masters who are puppeteering them to say this certain thing about this guy, and they’re still upset about the fact that I believe in medical freedom.”

“It’s the same tired narrative,” he said.

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