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Buttigieg Claims Americans Won’t Be Driving ‘Old’ Gas-Powered Cars in 2050

via ABC News
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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg expressed doubt that Americans will still be driving combustion engine vehicles in 2050, emphasizing the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs).

He highlighted the goal of having half of all vehicles be EVs by the end of the decade and the importance of the U.S. leading the way in EV technology to create jobs.

Buttigieg also noted the cost savings and lower maintenance associated with EVs, suggesting that people who switch to electric vehicles are unlikely to go back to traditional combustion engine technology. (Trending: Judge Announces Historic Ruling In Jeffrey Epstein Case)

“The share of EVs has been dramatically increasing every single year, and that’s continuing. Now, our goal is, by the end of this decade, to be about half-and-half. We think that that can and will happen,” Buttigieg said.

“But what isn’t guaranteed is, first of all, is that EV revolution going to continue to be made in America? During the Trump administration, China really built a major advantage on EVs.”

“But as somebody who comes from the industrial Midwest, sees how the auto industry creates so much by way of livelihoods where I come from and really around the country, I’m much more excited about the jobs being created on U.S. soil, and that doesn’t just happen.”

“We’ve got to make sure that the U.S. leads the way as this technology changes.”

“I don’t know a lot of people who think that Americans in 2050 are still going to be driving that old technology, that combustion technology that we inherited from the 20th century.”

“Americans like it,” David Asman said.

“Well, no, you’re not going to meet a lot of people who ever go back after they’ve got electric, and I think that really tells you something,” Buttigieg said.

“That shows you that the lower maintenance, the fact that it costs less to maintain, the fact that they break down with less frequency, and the cost savings that you get by not having to buy gas or diesel are I think why you almost never meet somebody who has an EV who says, I want to back to the old technology.”

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