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‘People Don’t Understand How Tough Donald Trump Is’: Roger Stone Responds To Weaponization of Justice System

via CNN
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Political strategist Roger Stone emphasized Donald Trump’s resilience, describing him as tougher than past leaders, and expressed confidence in Trump’s ability to navigate legal challenges and succeed in the upcoming election.

“People don’t really understand how tough Donald Trump is,” Stone said.

“I worked for Richard Nixon, I worked for Senator Bob Dole, both very, very tough guys, but not nearly as tough as Trump,” he explained.

“Under this enormous pressure where he’s being framed in at least four or five different totally ridiculous lawsuits in an effort to smear him and to put obstacles in the way of his presidential campaign, he remains buoyant, good humored, confident, determined, resolute,” Stone said.

“He literally is the toughest person I know,” he continued. “He really believes that he is going to run the gauntlet, despite the efforts to weaponize the judicial system — that he’s going to win.”

Stone also praised the MAGA movement’s significance and growth, attributing its revitalization to Trump’s populist approach and organizations like Turning Point USA.

“We’ve had a conservative movement in America — it essentially started with the campaign of Barry Goldwater, manifested itself in the election of Ronald Reagan; we weeded out the racists and the bigots and the antisemites through the leadership of Bill Buckley, but it was time for that movement to be revitalized,” Stone said.

“I think Donald Trump, who has brought the movement a more populist, America first tone — and organizations like Turning Point USA have really revitalized the movement,” he added.

“And it is growing, despite the suppression of information about what we really stand for by the corporate, fake, mainstream legacy media.”

Additionally, Stone criticized efforts to expedite Trump’s trial as a means to impact the election and highlighted ongoing legal questions surrounding Trump’s immunity and appointments.

“It has always been both the written and unwritten policy of the Justice Department to not allow criminal or civil investigations to affect election results,” Stone said. “I think the American people are seeing through it.”

“They want Trump locked in a courtroom at the time that it is most important that he be out campaigning for delegates to win the nomination,” Stone said. “I think the people see through this as extraordinarily political.”

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