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The Constitution’s Insurrection Clause Threatens Trump’s Campaign. Here Is How That Is Playing Out

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Former President Donald Trump faces a potential obstacle in his bid for the White House due to a ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court, which barred him from the state’s ballot under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

This is the first time in history this provision has been used to prevent someone from running for presidency, and the U.S. Supreme Court is likely to have the final say.

The ruling’s implications extend beyond Colorado, potentially impacting all states and setting a precedent for disqualifying candidates under similar provisions. (Trending: Prominent LGBTQ Activist Arrested Over Disturbing Charges)

The case raises questions about the definition and application of Section 3, and its resolution is deemed crucial for political stability.

“It is imperative for the political stability of the U.S. to get a definitive judicial resolution of these questions as soon as possible,” University of California law professor Rick Hasen wrote.

“Voters need to know if the candidate they are supporting for president is eligible.”

The legal battle revolves around whether Trump’s actions during the Capitol attack constitute an “insurrection” under the Constitution.

The decision’s broader impact and potential political ramifications add complexity to an already contentious issue.

“President Trump asks us to hold that Section 3 disqualifies every oathbreaking insurrectionist except the most powerful one and that it bars oathbreakers from virtually every office, both state and federal, except the highest one in the land,” the court’s majority stated.

“Both results are inconsistent with the plain language and history of Section 3.”

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