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Evidence Doesn’t Support Israeli Claims That Hospital Was Hamas Command Center

via ABC
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An investigation by The Washington Post found that there is not enough evidence to support Israel’s claims that a Gaza hospital it raided was used as a Hamas command center.

The raid, which resulted in numerous deaths, has raised questions about its legitimacy under international law.

The report highlighted that available evidence and satellite imagery did not support Israel’s assertions. (Trending: Prominent LGBTQ Activist Arrested Over Disturbing Charges)

According to a U.S. administration official, “We are absolutely confident in the intelligence … that Hamas was using it as a command and control node.”

An Israeli military spokesperson claimed to have released, “extensive, irrefutable evidence that points to the abuse of the Shifa hospital complex by Hamas for terrorism purposes, and underground terrorism activity.”

“We cannot provide additional information,” said anonymous source to the Post.

“I’m furious that children who are recovering from amputations in hospitals are then killed in those hospitals,” said UNICEF spokesperson James Elder.

An IDF soldier said in a viral video, “This room was evacuated, and all the gear was evacuated.”

“I guess it was evacuated when they knew or understand that we were going to enter Shifa Hospital,” they added.

“Every single hospital in Gaza, every single school in Gaza, is used as a terror base,” said former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

The Israeli military has targeted several hospitals in Gaza, leading to casualties and damage to medical facilities.

The Israeli military’s claims of finding weapons at the hospitals have not been fully verified.

The situation has prompted concerns about the protection of hospitals under international humanitarian law.

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