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Biden Admin Announces $600 Million in Taxpayer-Funded Grants for ‘Environmental Justice’

via PBS NewsHour

The Biden administration has allocated $600 million from taxpayer funds to various organizations for environmental justice projects.

These funds will be used for initiatives such as environmental jobs training programs and “healthy homes” projects.

The administration emphasizes the importance of equity in distributing these resources to communities most in need. (Trending: Assault Weapons Ban Set To Take Effect, Here’s What To Know)

The funding, part of a larger $3 billion spending plan, is intended to support environmental justice and comes from the EPA’s Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Grantmaking program.

However, some critics argue that the allocation of taxpayer money for political purposes is inappropriate.

“Every person has a right to drink clean water, breathe clean air, and live in a community that is healthy and safe,” Vice President Kamala Harris said.

“For too long, however, low-income communities, immigrant communities, Native communities, and communities of color have endured disproportionate levels of air, water, and soil pollution.”

“That is why President Joe Biden and I have put equity at the center of our nation’s largest investment in climate in history.”

“Today’s announcement puts that commitment into action by ensuring critical resources to fund environmental justice projects across the country reach the organizations that know their communities best.”

“No matter if they are dubbed grantmakers or climate corps, the mission is the same: use taxpayer dollars to build networks of political support,” think tank executive director Daniel Turner said.

“And while Biden sends $600 million to his eco-friends, energy workers are stalled by Washington while families pay more for everything.”

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