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Trump Urges Supreme Court to Reject Jack Smith’s Bid for Speedy ‘Immunity’ Review

via CBS Evening News
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Donald Trump has urged the Supreme Court to reject the special counsel’s request for a rapid consideration of his claim of immunity from criminal prosecution related to the 2020 election.

Trump’s lawyers criticized the special counsel’s urgency for a trial and suggested that the timing might be politically motivated, particularly to impact Trump’s potential presidential campaign.

They also argued that the appeals court should consider the immunity issue first and that the special counsel lacks the authority to seek Supreme Court review. (Trending: Judge Announces Historic Ruling In Jeffrey Epstein Case)

Trup’s attorneys wrote, “In an omission that speaks volumes, the Special Counsel never explains why March 4, 2024, is supposedly the only ‘appropriate timetable’ for this historic prosecution.”

“That date has no talismanic significance,” they continued.

Adding, “The Special Counsel’s extraordinary request, combined with its vague, threadbare justification, creates the compelling appearance of a partisan motivation: To ensure that President Trump — the leading Republican candidate for President, and the greatest electoral threat to President Biden — will face a months-long criminal trial at the height of his presidential campaign.

Trump’s defense team also argued in their filing that due to Judge Chutkan’s previous ruling in Smith’s favor, Smith did not have the authority to request a Supreme Court review.

If the case is heard, Trump’s attorneys want the court to consider not only his immunity claim based on his former presidency but also his argument related to his impeachment.

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