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Stephen A. Smith Explodes on ‘Racist’ Texas Gov. New Immigration Rule

via Stephen A. Smith on Youtube
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Sports commentator Stephen A Smith criticized Texas Governor Greg Abbott for signing a law allowing state and local police to arrest illegal immigrants, calling it “racist” and “enslavement.”

Smith expressed concern that the law could lead to profiling and unjust arrests based on suspicion of illegal entry.

He emphasized the inhumane and divisive nature of the law, but did not offer solutions for addressing the influx of illegal immigrants or acknowledge the federal government’s responsibility in securing national borders. (Trending: Judge Announces Historic Ruling In Jeffrey Epstein Case)

“The goal of these laws is to make sure that when they see somebody crossing over the border, as the National Guard see, as the Texas Department of Public Safety see, they know they’re not profiling,” said Gov. Abbott.

“They are seeing with their own eyes people who are violating the law,” Abbott said as he signed the bill into law.

“This bad, ladies and gentlemen,” Smith began.

“This is a disgrace. It’s inhumane; and it opens the floodgate to further divide our nation because when you have law enforcement that literally can arrest people over a ‘suspicion,’ think about that for a second,” said Smith.

“People can be arrested who are suspected of entering the country illegally,” he explained.

“Do you realize that means a law enforcement official can walk up to somebody (and say), ‘Alright, they look Hispanic. OK, their English is broken. They don’t speak fluent English. So that can be a cause for me to arrest them.’” alleged the ESPN host.

“It’s racist!” shouted Smith.

“Somebody needs to say it, so I’m gonna say it! It’s a racist-ass thing to do! Suspicion? Suspected of entering the country illegally? How can you be suspected of entering the country illegally?” yelled the emotional host.

“So, you’re chilling in downtown Dallas or Houston. You’re hanging out with a bunch of folks. You’re speaking Spanish instead of English. Your clothes might not be a Tom Ford suit or something. You might not be wearing a Jordan sweatsuit. You might look a little poor and impoverished, a bit haggard or haphazard. You might not look the part,” said Smith.

“That’s a suspicion,” claimed Smith.

“They can literally label that a suspicion to justify arresting you. Not questioning you, not asking for an ID. They literally can arrest you!” he declared.

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