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New UK Government Guidance Regarding Child Transitioning: ‘Views Of The Child’s Parents Should Carry Great Weight’

via BBC London
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New government guidance in England requires schools to inform parents when a child changes their gender identity, except in rare cases where it could harm the child.

The guidance emphasizes the importance of parental involvement and taking a cautious approach, particularly with younger children.

It also addresses issues such as pronoun changes, bathroom usage, and sports participation based on biological sex. (Trending: FBI Bribery Probe Caught Joe Biden’s Brother On Tape)

“Parents should not be excluded from decisions taken by a school or college relating to requests for a child to ‘socially transition,’” the guidance reads.

The guidance added that a “significant increase” in children questioning “the way they feel about being a boy or a girl, including their physical attributes of sex and the related ways in which they fit into society” has been observed.

“The views of the child’s parents should carry great weight and be properly considered. We would expect parental consent to be required in the vast majority of cases,” the guidance adds.

“There can be no exception to this. Boys constitute more of a risk to girls because they are generally stronger, larger and heavier than girls, especially when they are going through or have been through puberty,” the guidance states.

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan stated that the guidance places children’s best interests ahead of any other, and removes “any confusion about the protections that must be in place for biological sex and single-sex spaces.”

“Parents’ views must also be at the heart of all decisions made about their children – and nowhere is that more important than with decisions that can have significant effects on a child’s life for years to come,” Keegan stated.

The guidance reflects a broader trend in the UK and Europe to reevaluate transgender social transitions and medical interventions for children, aligning with parental concerns in the U.S. about schools handling children’s gender identities.

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