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Joe Biden’s Aides Reportedly Roll Their Eyes When He Says He Feels Youthful

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First lady Jill Biden has significant influence over President Biden’s schedule, with reports suggesting that she plays a key role in managing his workload to prevent exhaustion.

“Now, it’s usual for first ladies to keep an eye on the schedule,” Axios reporter Alex Thompson said.

“It is not so normal for a first lady to be crafting the presidential schedule.” (Trending: Bud Light Gets Bad News Ahead of Christmas)

Biden’s claims of feeling youthful have caused tension among aides, who feel he may be overextending himself.

“A lot of aides that I have talked to have been struck that Biden behind closed doors repeatedly says, ‘I feel so much younger than my age.’ He says it so often and with such real sincerity that there’s become this tension where he ends up overextending himself,” Thompson wrote.

“Aides feel he doesn’t know his own physical limitations and tries to do too much,” he added.

“That has this adverse effect where he ends up wearing himself out. Even though he is doing more events, he actually presents as more tired, which is then how you get these poll numbers that show that over 70% of voters have serious concerns about him doing a second term.”

Additionally, Jill is actively involved in ensuring the president gets enough rest and maintains a healthy diet, as she sees herself as his protector.

Jill is “very involved in making sure [Biden] gets enough rest. She’s also been pushing him on his diet, trying to get him to eat more fish and salmon and a little less junk food,” Thompson noted.

“She is very much in this role of making sure that the president, who is the oldest president ever, is staying healthy, getting enough rest and being able to present as vigorous going into this re-election.”

Concerns over Biden’s age and health have been raised, with polls indicating significant voter unease regarding his ability to serve a second term.

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