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Growing List Of Reasons A Second Trump Term Would Be Dangerous

via CNN
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Former President Donald Trump’s potential return to power is raising concerns due to his statements about wielding dictatorial power if reelected.

His second term could be more dangerous as he would feel less constrained without the pressure of reelection and has survived impeachments, legal processes, and opposition within his party.

Furthermore, he would likely surround himself with loyalists, making his administration more extreme.

Having gained experience, he is better positioned to leverage power and seek revenge on his opponents, posing a serious threat to the Republic.

It is crucial that both Republicans and Democrats begin to emphasize the risks of a potential second Trump term.

Here’s the growing list of reasons to vote against Trump in 2024, according to Vanity Fair:

• Trump’s history of allegedly racist and bigoted statements

• The Dozens of Women Who’ve Accused Him of Sexual Misconduct

• His Many Calls for Violence, Mostly Against People Who Disagree With Him

• His Obsession With Using the Power of the Federal Government to Punish His Enemies

• The Matter of His Setting the Wheels in Motion to Completely and Totally Destroy Reproductive Rights

• His Horrific, Inhumane Family-Separation Policy

• Trying to Kick Hundreds of Thousands of Americans Off of Food Stamps

• His Moronic, Planet-Destroying Take on Climate Change

• His Habit of Lining His Pockets With Taxpayer Money

• The Fact That He Lies About Everything All the Time

• His Violent Outbursts

• His Pardoning of War Criminals

• The Meeting He Took Re: Imposing Martial Law to Redo the Election

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