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Hunter Biden Says GOP Leaders Investigating Him ‘Have No Shame’ Despite Serious Criminal Allegations Against Him

via FOX
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Hunter Biden, amidst a closed-door deposition, spoke to the press, criticizing Republicans’ investigations into his foreign business dealings and his father’s alleged involvement.

He addressed his mistakes, attacked the “MAGA-Right” portrayal of him, and denied his father’s financial involvement in his business.

Biden accused Republicans of distorting facts, invading his privacy, and engaging in baseless inquiries. (Trending: Joe Biden Impeachment Formalized As Republicans Unite)

Despite his refusal to attend the deposition, he expressed willingness to testify at a public hearing, challenging Republicans’ motives and their fear of an open process.

“We’re disappointed that he didn’t show up,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan said.

“He was just across the way at the Capitol. You’d think he could have come here and sat for questions. You do it in an open format now, you’re gonna get filibusters; you’re gonna get speeches; you’re gonna get all kinds of things.”

“What we want is the facts, and the way you get the facts in every single investigation I’ve been involved in, is you bring people in for an interview behind closed doors where you can get those facts.”

“Good morning. I’m here today to answer at a public hearing any legitimate questions Chairman Comer and the House Oversight Committee may have for me. I’m here today to make sure that the House committee’s illegitimate investigations of my family do not proceed on distortions, manipulated evidence, and lies,” Hunter said.

“And I’m here today to acknowledge I’ve made mistakes in my life, in wasted opportunities and privileges I was afforded. For that, I’m responsible. For that, I’m accountable, and for that, I’m making amends.”

“But I’m also here today to correct how the MAGA-right has portrayed me for their political purposes. I am first and foremost a son, a father, a brother, and a husband from a loving and supportive family.”

I’m proud to have earned degrees from Georgetown University and Yale Law School; I’m proud of my legal career and business career. I’m proud of my time serving on a dozen different boards of directors and I’m proud of my efforts to forge global business relationships.”

“For six years, MAGA Republicans, including members of the House committees who are in a closed-door session right now, have impugned my character, invaded my privacy, attacked my wife, my children, my family, and my friends.”

They have ridiculed my struggle with addiction, they have belittled my recovery, and they have tried to dehumanize me, all to embarrass the image of my father, who has devoted his entire life to public service. For six years I have been the target of the unrelenting Trump attack machine, shouting, ‘Where’s Hunter?’”

“Well, here’s my answer,” he said. “I am here. Let me state as clearly as I can: My father was not financially involved in my business, not as a practicing lawyer, not as a board member of Burisma, not in my partnership with a Chinese private businessman, not in my investments at home nor abroad and certainly not as an artist.”

“During my battle with addiction, my parents were there for me. They literally saved my life. They helped me in ways I will never be able to repay. And of course they would never expect me to. And in the depths of my addiction, I was extremely irresponsible with my finances, but to suggest that is grounds for an impeachment inquiry is beyond the absurd. It’s shameless.”

“There is no evidence to support the allegations that my father was financially involved in my business because it did not happen,” he pressed.

“James Comer, Jim Jordan, Jason Smith, and their colleagues have distorted the facts by cherry-picking lines from a bank statement, manipulating texts I sent, editing the testimony of my friends and business partners, and misstating personal information that was stolen from me.”

“There is no fairness or decency in what these Republicans are doing. They have lied, over and over, about every aspect of my personal and professional life; so much so that their lies have become the false facts believed by too many people.”

“No matter how many times it is debunked, they continue to insist that my father’s support of Ukraine against Russia is a result of a non-existent bribe. They displayed naked photos of me during an oversight hearing. And they have taken the light of my dad’s love, the light of my dad’s love for me and presented it as darkness. They have no shame!” he said.

“These same committee chairmen have engaged in unprecedented political interference in what would have already been a five-year investigation of me. Yet here I am Mr. Chairman, taking up your offer, when you said, ‘We can bring these people in for depositions or committee hearings; whichever they choose,” Biden added.

“Well, I’ve chosen. I am here to testify at a public hearing today to answer any of the committee’s legitimate questions. Republicans do not want an open process where Americans can see their tactics, expose their baseless inquiry, or hear what I have to say. What are they afraid of?”

“Mr. Biden’s counsel and the White House have both argued that the reason he couldn’t come for a deposition was because there wasn’t a formal vote for an impeachment inquiry,” Jordan said.

“Well, that’s gonna happen in a few hours; we think it’s gonna pass. We think the House of Representatives will go on record with the power that solely resides in the House to say we are in an official impeachment inquiry phase of our oversight. And when that happens, we’ll see what their excuse is then.”

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