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Gov Unions Spent Over Half A Billion Dollars Backing Democrats, The Left During Midterm Elections

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The Commonwealth Foundation’s analysis revealed that the four largest public sector unions spent nearly $700 million, with about 60% coming from union dues, to support Democrats and leftist causes during the 2022 elections.

The report highlighted how union PAC dollars went to various leftist groups and Democrat candidates, with significant contributions to individuals like Governor Josh Shapiro and Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock.

The unions’ close ties to President Joe Biden were also noted. The report emphasized that the unions’ political spending heavily favored Democrats, with the most spending occurring in states like Illinois, California, and Pennsylvania. (Trending: Joe Biden Impeachment Formalized As Republicans Unite)

Commonwealth Foundation Senior Fellow for Labor Policy David Osborne said, “Any progressive organization that you can think of is probably getting something from the unions.”

“What unions often try to hide is the fact that membership dues can also be used for politics,” he continued.

Adding, “The union doesn’t really have to tell membership what it’s [the money] going to go to. Doesn’t have to take a vote on it. By and large, what they do is, take all that money and then shovel a bunch of it over to a super-PAC, sometimes it’s affiliated with the union so that they can do all kinds of political spending that members may never find out about.”

“When employees learn that their dues are being used to fund political projects, that’s a value in and of itself. There are some things they can do as individuals to cut off the funding if they desire,” Osborne said.

“In total, PACs tied to the four largest government unions contributed to 282 candidates for the House of Representatives. Of those, 273 were Democrats, seven were Republicans, one was a third-party candidate, and one was an independent,” read the foundation’s report.

“Armed with millions of members and numerous special privileges, the four largest unions have dedicated significant financial resources toward maintaining and expanding the legal structures from which they derive their power,” the report continued.

Adding, “Government unions use this power not only to advance leftist causes but also to elect political leaders who will protect their interests and influence. The result, unfortunately, is that federal, state, and local governments are increasingly led by politicians who care more about union executives than union members or taxpayers,” Osborne said.

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