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Woman Waits 4 Hours To Try Mcdonald’s New Restaurant, Then Delivers Her Verdict

via ABC 7 Chicago
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McDonald’s spinoff, CosMc’s, has opened with overwhelming popularity, leading to long wait times and police assistance to manage traffic.

Customers praised the food and the enthusiasm surrounding the new concept.

The drive-thru-only format and focus on custom beverages and snacks differentiate CosMc’s from traditional McDonald’s locations. (Trending: New Movie Obamas Helped Make Raises Eyebrows: ‘Don’t Trust White People’)

“The food was delicious,” customer Kristina Buchthal Alkass said.

“The wait was worth it — not only for the delicious food, but also because there was so much anticipation around the new concept.”

“I loved seeing the employees decked out in CosMc’s colors, and everyone with whom I interacted seemed happy to share the new menu items.”

“I ordered a Creamy Avocado Tomatillo Sandwich, a Citrus and Cream Shake, Pretzel Bites with Spicy Queso, and a Popping Pear Slush,” Alkass said.

“In just one bite, I was reminded that McDonald’s makes a darn good sandwich.”

“The egg was great, the bacon was thick, the sauce was spicy and creamy without overwhelming the other flavors. The steamy brioche was the MVP.”

“The prices are definitely fair. I ordered more than I normally would because I wanted to try multiple items,” Alkass added.

“I was surprised at how many items are in the $2 to $4 range. It’s a very good deal to get a custom beverage and a hot snack for less than $10 per person.”

Prices are considered fair, with positive comparisons to Starbucks.

While some customers complained about wait times and lack of indoor seating, others found the drive-thru format convenient.

“I wasn’t going to wait 4 hours. I’ll try again in a few months once the hype dies down,” said Melissa Tomany.

“I’ve been using the McDonald’s app on my phone for ordering for about a year, and it’s made ordering easier and quicker. Especially for weekday breakfast, a drive-thru is the easiest way to pick up food while commuting,” Alkass pressed.

“CosMc’s website says online ordering will be available soon, and I think that’s when the service speed will really shine.”

“People will absolutely enjoy CosMc’s,” she added.

“I don’t think its success will be limited by geography. I think kids and adults alike enjoy designing their own beverage, and no one can deny that McDonald’s makes a delicious sandwich. I am curious to see how CosMc’s adapts in downtown areas.”

McDonald’s plans to open more CosMc’s locations in Texas, and there is optimism for national success.

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