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Republican Rips Attaching Border Funds To ‘Bloody Stalemate’ In Ukraine

via Fox News

Senator Ron Johnson rejected the notion that Ukraine could win its war against Russia and criticized President Biden’s push for a Ukrainian victory as a “fool’s errand.”

Johnson emphasized that Ukraine cannot win the war and highlighted the need for a negotiated settlement to end the conflict.

He also expressed the importance of securing America’s borders, criticizing the idea of tying border security to the situation in Ukraine. (Trending: LeBron James Shares Gun Advice For Americans)

“Is this eighth grade?” began Laura Ingraham.

“Let’s start with them not losing,” she continued.

Finally asking, “What are the American people gaining here?”

Sen. Ron Johnson answered, “Well, first of all, there is no strategy for Ukraine to win because it can’t win.”

“The only way they could win is they’d have to start lobbing missiles into Moscow to reduce Russia’s support for the war. They can’t do that,” declared Johnson.

Ingraham then asked, if “The Pentagon knows that they have lost the war already?”

“This is 22 months, they tried — some are offensive, it didn’t work,” explained Johnson.

“This is a bloody stalemate. Every day that goes by, more Ukrainians die, more Russian conscripts die, take no joy in that, more Ukraine gets destroyed,” lamented the lawmaker.

“So this war should be brought to an end, the sooner the better because every day the outcome ends up being worse,” demanded Johnson.

“It’s going to have to be a negotiated settlement and from a standpoint of, you know, what America wants, we want a secure border. And that’s what —”

“But that’s a separate thing,” interjected Ingraham.

“I mean, of course we want a secured border. This whole idea of tying them together, that was a fool’s errand from the beginning. Tying our border to Ukraine, what we do to Ukraine, makes the zero sense?” asked the host.

“The way that President Biden wanted to do, he just wanted more money to more efficiently encounter process and disperse,” answered Johnson.

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