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Israeli Ambassador Blasts UN Resolution: ‘What Would Your Country Do?’

via United Nations

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, criticized the UN for its resolution on a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza, stating that it failed to address Hamas’s actions and would only prolong the conflict.

He highlighted Hamas’s violations of previous ceasefires and accused the UN of disregarding Hamas’s war crimes.

Erdan also presented a visual aid, suggesting that contacting Hamas directly was the key to achieving a lasting ceasefire. (Trending: Here Are The Most Disturbing Ways Hunter Biden Spent His Millions)

He emphasized that Israel would continue to defend itself and questioned the UN’s impartiality in the conflict.

“Again, we find ourselves about to vote upon yet another hypocritical resolution,” Erdan began.

“Not only does this resolution fail to condemn Hamas for their crimes against humanity, it doesn’t even mention Hamas at all. This is a resolution that will only prolong the death and destruction in the region.”

“On October 6, there was a ceasefire and it was abruptly violated; not by Israel, but by 3,000 Hamas Nazis who invaded my country; raping women, beheading babies, burning families alive, and deliberately exterminating innocent civilians like insects.”

“What would your country do if you were in Israel’s shoes?” he pressed to nations against Israel.

“Call for a ceasefire? What would Moscow do? Beijing? Istanbul? How would you respond? Everyone here knows exactly.”

“Those who support this resolution are giving the terrorists a free pass,” he said.

“A ceasefire means one thing and one thing only: ensuring the survival of Hamas; ensuring the survival of genocidal terrorists committed to the annihilation of Israel and Jews.”

“A ceasefire is a death sentence for countless more Israelis and Gazans,” he added.

“I have an idea: If you want a real ceasefire, here is the right address.” Erdan held up a sign that said, “For a Ceasefire dial +970-599373765,” beside an image of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar. “Ask for Yahya Sinwar.”

“This is the phone number of Hamas’ office in Gaza,” Erdan said.

“You can all call +970-599373765 and ask for Yahya Sinwar. Tell Hamas to put down their arms, turn themselves in, and return our hostages. This will bring a complete ceasefire that will last forever.”

“So why are you not doing this?” he asked.

“Why are you not holding Hamas accountable? Ironically today is the United Nations International Day of Neutrality, the day on which the UN reminds itself to be an impartial mediator in the escalating conflict. Ignoring the war crimes of genocidal terrorists on today of all days; this body further proves its utter irrelevance. What a disgrace.”

“Hamas does not respond to General Assembly resolutions; Hamas responds only to threats on its survival,” he pressed.

“Continuing Israel’s operation in Gaza is the only way any hostages will be released. This disgraceful resolution serves only one purpose: to try to tie Israel’s hands and allow Hamas to continue its reign of terror.”

“No piece of paper, especially one that is adopted by a biased, politicized majority, will prevent Israel from defending itself against those that seek our destruction. Israel is fighting a war for our future. There is not a single member state here, not a single member state here, that would act differently in a similar situation,” he concluded.

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