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Prominent Comedian Ironically Embraces Cancel Culture: ‘I Think People Deserve It’

Comedian Daniel Tosh expressed his support for cancel culture on a recent podcast, defending it as a positive force for society.

He stated that people deserve to be canceled and that there should be consequences for their actions, while also acknowledging that he has faced backlash for his own behavior.

“I think it’s great. Cancel people. I think people deserve it and you know, obviously, it’s not a real thing where, like, ‘Oh, your livelihood is gone,’” he said. (Trending: Tucker Carlson Reveals ‘Secret’ Project He’s Been Working On For Months)

“As someone who’s done things and said horrible things constantly, I’ve had backlash and I deserve it.”

“There has to be consequences and I also don’t think there’s a problem with evolving.”

“And like, ‘Oh, I used to be able to say this and now I can’t.’ Okay, well fine, good. I’m OK with that.”

Tosh also discussed his lack of personal change and his willingness to distance himself from family members based on their political views.

“I’m happy to get rid of family members. As soon as I see the way they vote on a few issues, I’m like ‘You’re out,'” he said.

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