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Film Casting Director Defends Race-Swapping Of Isaac Newton, Smears Critics As ‘Bigots’

via Surjit Show on Youtube
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Casting director Andy Pryor defended his choice to cast a mixed-race actor as Isaac Newton in the BBC’s Doctor Who special, Wild Blue Yonder, amid backlash.

Pryor accused critics of “villainizing minorities” and emphasized the importance of representation for young people from diverse backgrounds.

He also highlighted the dangers of social media and the need to stand up for marginalized communities. (Trending: Tucker Carlson Reveals ‘Secret’ Project He’s Been Working On For Months)

The decision has sparked debate, with Pryor standing firm in his support of the casting choice.

“We had talked about trying to get Nathaniel in the show at some point and I think it’s a sort of rather cheeky, but fun interpretation of Isaac Newton. You know, it’s not a historical drama,” Pryor said.

“It’s sad that we’re in a time where people villainize minorities, This sort of chatter, I’m very good at kind of tuning it out. And I’m also very, very happy to block people on Twitter,” he said.

“I don’t really have any time for bigotry at all.”

“It then becomes even more important to give people a voice and for people to be represented, especially for young people growing up who might be trans or from any minority,” Pryor added.

“If they can see themselves on screen, then that can be a huge lifeline for some people. That can make them feel part of the world, which indeed they are.”

“It just becomes a game for them,” he said of social media.

“Unfortunately, real life isn’t a game, and I think it’s important to stand up for people who are marginalized.”

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