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Kate Middleton And Prince William Mocked Over Alleged Christmas Card Photoshop Fail

via English Speeches on Youtube

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s annual Christmas card photo featuring their three children sparked controversy on social media due to alleged Photoshop failures.

People pointed out that 5-year-old Prince Louis appeared to be missing a finger, and his legs seemed mismatched.

Some questioned the authenticity of the children and raised concerns about the photo editing process. (Trending: Tucker Carlson Reveals ‘Secret’ Project He’s Been Working On For Months)

“Did William and Kate rent a child?” asked one user.

“What’s happening am trying to find out or Did they just photoshop the entire picture I need answers,” they continued.

Another user wrote, “Ok… how is it 6? There are 4 fingers + one partial missing finger in this photo. No thumb.”

“If you add the digits plus the thumb, it’s 6. Obviously a photo shop error. The Royal photographer goofed on this one.”

“Prince Louis finger is missing, also they have photoshopped someone else’s leg onto his,” another account posted. “I certainly hope taxpayers didn’t pay for it.”

Another added, “Are Prince William children even real or are they fake? Why does Louis not have a finger and look at Louis leg both legs don’t look similar.”

Additionally, there were claims of seeing a crown on Prince George’s head in the photo.

“If you look at Prince George’s head it looks like he’s wearing a crown the way the light hits his head- and once you see it you can’t unsee it!” an account wrote on Instagram.

“How fitting is that! Photographer is amazing, wow he’s good… ” mocked the user.

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