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He Spent 19 Years In Prison For A Murder He Didn’t Commit. He Was Just Given His Freedom.

via FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul
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Marvin Haynes, after maintaining his innocence for 19 years, has been released from prison due to a judge’s ruling that his trial was unfair.

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office agreed that eyewitness evidence used in the trial was unreliable.

Detectives were accused of pressuring witnesses, and the Innocence Project showed in court that Haynes did not match the killer’s description. (Trending: Hunter Biden’s Own Memoir Is Coming Back To Haunt Him In Criminal Trial)

Haynes expressed gratitude upon release and hopes to find a job and visit his mother.

“I just want to thank everybody that supported me through this whole journey,” Haynes said.

“And now y’all can recognize that I’m actually innocent.”

“I shed tears,” he said.

“I haven’t cried so much in 19 years. I’m so excited. Overwhelmed with emotion.”

Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty acknowledged the harm caused and expressed a step towards righting the wrong at a press conference.

“We inflicted harm on Mr. Haynes and his family, and also on Randy Sherer, the victim, his family, and the community,” Moriarty said.

“We cannot undo the trauma experienced by those impacted by this prosecution. But today we have taken a step towards righting this wrong.”

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