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Newsom Gets $3B From Biden For Canceled Railroad ‘Boondoggle’

via FOX 11 Los Angeles
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The Biden administration is allocating over $3 billion in federal funds to California’s high-speed rail project, which has faced significant delays and cost overruns.

Originally planned as a $33 billion project connecting San Francisco to Los Angeles, it has since swelled to $113 billion and been scaled down to a 171-mile railway.

Critics argue that it’s behind schedule, over budget, and won’t cover its operating costs. (Trending: Elon Musk Condemns Arrest Of Jan 6 Protester)

Newsom reportedly said, “California is delivering on the first 220-mph, electric high-speed rail project in the nation.”

Adding, “This show of support from the Biden-Harris Administration is a vote of confidence in today’s vision and comes at a critical turning point, providing the project new momentum.”

“California takes great pride in our ambitious status as the leading edge of high-speed rail in America. With this new $3.07 billion in federal funding, we take an important leap closer to making high-speed rail a reality in California,” contributed Pelosi.

“An electrified high-speed rail network will dramatically improve the quality of life in the Central Valley and up and down California,” claimed the former Speaker.

Supporters emphasize job creation, reduced travel time, and environmental benefits.

The project has faced criticism from both Republican and Democratic officials, and its funding has been a point of contention.

“This commuter train isn’t even ‘high speed,’ is at least 13 years behind schedule, and will now cost four times the original price tag promised to voters,” criticized Rep. Doug LaMalfa.

“Far too much taxpayer dollars have been wasted on this boondoggle. It’s in everyone’s best interest to cut the losses and rescind every cent dedicated to this foolish project,” added the Republican.

“Any fool can see this project isn’t going to be completed,” LaMalfa continued. “The state is $68 billion in debt, hasn’t laid a single inch of track and is over $120 billion short. Biden and Newsom sure know how to waste your money.”

Rep. Jay Obernolte also said, “I believe it is inappropriate for the federal government to subsidize the California High-Speed Rail Authority.”

“This rail system is years behind schedule and billions of dollars over budget, and even if it is ever completed, its projected ridership won’t come close to covering its operating costs — meaning that taxpayers will be asked to continue subsidizing it forever. This is not a wise or appropriate use of taxpayer money,” he continued.

After initially being canceled by Newsom, Biden announced the financial boost that would come from the federal governermnt.

White House spokesperson Robyn Patterson said in a statement, “This investment has already created over 11,000 good-paying union jobs, and California high speed rail is going to save people time, make it easy to travel across the state for the first time in history, and reduce carbon emissions by as much as 2 million metric tons — comparable to taking 432,000 passenger vehicles off the road every year.”

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