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Mass Baptism Breaks Out At Local Church As Revival Hits America

via CBN News

Upstate Church in South Carolina baptized 141 people, a significant increase from their previous high of 35.

Many made the decision to be baptized during a sermon series on the ordinances of the church, including baptism.

The church’s growth and mass baptism events across the country, including a notable event in California, are seen as signs of a potential spiritual awakening and revival. (Trending: Top Democrat Loses In Historic Landslide)

“We have never seen anything like this in our church,” Upstate Church senior pastor Wayne Bray said.

“To think that 141 people followed the Lord in baptism is truly unimaginable for me.”

“Of the total, 86 had confirmed in advance that they wished to be baptized, while 55 others made the decision during the worship service when the church offered up an invitation,” The Christian Post wrote.

“Every decision was confirmed by a minister prior to being added to the list. We had high expectations, but we never expected 86 new believers to register in the weeks leading up to Dec. 3,” Bray said.

“I can’t adequately express how amazing it was to be a part of the day,” he said.

“More than any other moment in my ministry, I felt like we were living the book of Acts. We had preached from Acts 2, and it seemed as if we were in the pages ourselves.”

Leaders in the religious community believe these events are the beginning stages of a significant spiritual awakening in the country.

“I believe God has heard our prayers,” BridgeBuilders International Hal Sacks said. “I believe God has heard our cries for awakening and for revival and for reformation and our cries of desperation. And I believe he’s coming and responding to it.

“And with his coming, this will bring the shaking. Just like he did on Sinai when he showed up on the mountain — things shook. Just like he did in the book of Acts, Chapter 4. People prayed, and the first thing that happened — things shook, then they got filled with the Holy Spirit,” he added.

“It is very refreshing to see what the Lord is doing. And, you know, it makes me think about the … revival that’s in Isaiah 44:3, where he says, ‘I will pour water upon him who is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground,’” Hal’s wife Cheryl Sacks said.

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