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Deadspin Outlet Changes Tune After Getting Blasted For Attacking Young Chiefs Fan

via Kansas City Chiefs
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Deadspin published a story criticizing a young fan at an NFL game for wearing a headdress and face paint, and has finally responded to the incredible backlash that followed the article’s publishing.

The outlet attacked the child, labeling him as racist, but it was later revealed that the boy was Native American and wearing war paint, not blackface.

After facing legal threats, Deadspin updated the story, removing references to the child and claiming it was a misunderstanding. (Trending: Top Democrat Loses In Historic Landslide)

“These Articles, posts on X, and photos about Holden and his parents must be retracted immediately,” a legal letter read.

“It is not enough to quietly remove a tweet from X or disable the article from Deadspin’s website.”

“You must publish your retractions and issue an apology to my clients with the same prominence and fanfare with which you defamed them.”

Deadspin later posted, “On Nov. 27, Deadspin published an opinion piece criticizing the NFL for allowing a young fan to attend the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Las Vegas Raiders on Nov. 26 wearing a traditional Native American headdress and, based upon the available photo, what appeared to be black face paint…”

“Unfortunately the article drew attention to the fan, though our intended focus was on the NFL and its checkered history on race, an issue which our writer has covered extensively for Deadspin.”

“We regret any suggestion that we were attacking the fan. To that end, our story was updated on Dec. 7 to remove any photos, tweets, links, or otherwise identifying information about the fan.”

“We have also revised the headline to better reflect the substance of the story.”

The outlet failed to issue a formal apology, and the situation has sparked nationwide criticism for its handling of the matter.

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