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Children With Conservative Parents More Likely to Have Better Mental Health: Study

via PBS NewsHour

A recent report from the Institute for Family Studies, based on a Gallup study, highlighted that teens with conservative parents generally exhibit better mental health than those with liberal parents.

The study emphasized that parenting style and relationship quality significantly impact a teen’s mental well-being, irrespective of income, education, or race.

Conservative parenting, characterized by discipline and warmth, was associated with positive mental health outcomes in adolescents. (Trending: US State Unveils Controversial ‘Gender Neutral’ Laws)

“Income doesn’t buy better parenting, and more highly educated parents do not score better, either. Parenting style and relationship quality also do not meaningfully vary by race and ethnicity,” lead researcher Jonathan Rothwell wrote.

“As it happens, being raised by liberal parents is a much larger risk factor for mental health problems in adolescence than being raised in a low-income household with parents who did not attend college,” he said.

“Conservative parents enjoy higher quality relationships with their children, characterized by fewer arguments, more warmth, and a stronger bond, according to both parent and child reporting,” Rothwell wrote.

Additionally, positive perspectives on marriage were linked to effective parenting and better parent-teen relationships.

The report criticized current mental health solutions and suggested that traditional parenting methods, rooted in principles like discipline and unconditional love, are crucial in addressing the youth mental health crisis.

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