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Democrats Caught Using Deceptively Worded Abortion Measures On State Ballot

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Attorney generals in red states are addressing ambiguities and deceptive language in upcoming abortion measures following a successful abortion ballot in Ohio.

Concerns were raised about misleading language and lack of clarity in proposed measures in Arkansas, Florida, and South Dakota.

The comments come after Ohioans voted to enshrine abortion access into their constitution, with pro-life groups alleging misleading ads and vague language. (Trending: Elon Musk Condemns Arrest Of Jan 6 Protester)

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody called a pro-abortion amendment initiative that made it to her desk “one of the worst I have ever seen.”

“As just one example of how misleading this initiative is, the initiative creates a right to abortion through ‘viability,’” Moody wrote.

“As any mother knows, ‘viability’ has two meanings when it comes to pregnancy. First, it means whether a pregnancy is expected to continue developing normally through delivery. Doctors can tell during the first trimester, usually around about 12 weeks, whether a pregnancy is viable and would have a much lower risk of miscarriage,” she continued.

“For that reason, many women often wait to tell family and friends about their pregnancy until that time.”

“Second, viability is sometimes used to mean whether a baby can survive outside of the uterus, which currently is around 21 to 25 weeks of pregnancy. The two time periods, depending on your definition of viability, are starkly different, and the procedures performed to abort a baby’s life at either time period are dissimilar,” wrote the prosecutor.

Adding, “Floridians are entitled to know clearly and concisely what they are voting for or against.”

South Dakota AG Jackley wrote that “any suggestion that your proposed abortion amendment makes abortion legal only for the first trimester is contrary to the language of the proposed amendment,” in response to legislation presented in her state.

Pro-life groups thanked the attorney generals for pushing for clarity in these measures.

“Deception is the common theme in every abortion ballot measure,” SBA Pro-Life America’s state public affairs director Kelsey Pritchard said in a statement.

“Abortion activists have repeatedly used unclear language to mislead voters into embedding unlimited abortion in their state constitutions. Because Americans do not support second- and third-trimester abortions, Big Abortion must funnel millions into ads that lie about what these amendments actually do in order to be successful,” wrote the organization.

“We thank Tim Griffin, Ashley Moody and Marty Jackley for exposing abortion activists’ deceptive tactics. These attorneys general are faithfully carrying out their duties as they push for clarity so that voters are aware they are voting on establishing a right to late-term abortion,” explained Pritchard.

The Ohio ballot measure is seen as a blueprint for passing state-level abortion laws, prompting early action to combat deceptive amendments.

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