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Prominent Food Chain Sued Following Customer Death

via NBC News
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Panera Bread is facing a second wrongful death lawsuit related to its “Charged Lemonade” drink.

The lawsuit alleges that a man’s death was caused by consuming the lemonade, which contains a high amount of caffeine.

The drink reportedly has more caffeine than Red Bull and Monster energy drinks combined. (Trending: Elon Musk Condemns Arrest Of Jan 6 Protester)

Panera denies that the drink caused the man’s death, and the company has expressed sympathy for the family.

“Panera expresses our deep sympathy for Mr. Brown’s family,” the company stated.

“Based on our investigation we believe his unfortunate passing was not caused by one of the company’s products.”

“We view this lawsuit which was filed by the same law firm as a previous claim to be equally without merit. Panera stands firmly by the safety of our products.”

This is the second lawsuit against Panera regarding deaths linked to the charged lemonade, and the company has added a warning on its mobile app about the drink’s caffeine content.

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