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Special Counsel Hits Back At Hunter Biden Requesting Trump Subpoenas

via CBS
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Special Counsel David Weiss criticized Hunter Biden’s request to subpoena former President Trump and other officials, calling it “meritless.”

The filing argues that Biden’s claims of bias and vindictiveness are unfounded, pointing out that the charges against him were brought during the current administration, not the prior one.

Biden faces gun crimes charges and could potentially receive a 25-year prison sentence if convicted on all counts. (Trending: Elon Musk Condemns Arrest Of Jan 6 Protester)

“Not only does defendant’s motion fail to identify any actual evidence of bias, vindictiveness, or discriminatory intent on the Special Counsel’s part, his arguments ignore an inconvenient truth: No charges were brought against defendant during the prior administration when the subpoena recipients actually held office in the Executive Branch,” Weiss wrote.

“Instead, every charge in this matter was or will be brought during the current administration—one in which defendant’s father, Joseph R. Biden, is the President of the United States and Merrick B. Garland is the Attorney General that was appointed by President Biden and who personally appointed the Special Counsel.”

“Defendant has not shown, nor can he, how external statements by political opponents of President Biden improperly pressured him, his Attorney General, or the Special Counsel to pursue charges against the President’s son,” the filing adds.

An earlier plea deal collapsed, leading to the upcoming trial.

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