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Israel Sets Up Large Water Pumps To Flood Hamas’ Terror Tunnels Under Gaza

via i24 News
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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have set up water pumps inside Gaza to potentially flood Hamas’ underground tunnels with water from the Mediterranean Sea.

The pumps could flood the extensive tunnel network within weeks, forcing Hamas terrorists and potential hostages out.

However, the effectiveness of this method is uncertain due to the unknown details of the tunnels and their surroundings. (Trending: Tucker Reveals The Moment He Became A Full-Blown Trump Supporter)

“We are not sure how successful pumping will be since nobody knows the details of the tunnels and the ground around them,” a person familiar with the plan stated.

“It’s impossible to know if that will be effective because we don’t know how seawater will drain in tunnels no one has been in before.”

“It’s hard to tell what pumping seawater will do to the existing water and sewage infrastructure,” said Jon Alterman, senior vice president at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“It is hard to tell what it will do to groundwater reserves. And it’s hard to tell the impact on the stability of nearby buildings.”

Israel is committed to dismantling the tunnel network through various means, including the use of “sponge bombs.”

Experts note the difficulty in predicting the impact of flooding on the area’s infrastructure and stability of nearby buildings.

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