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‘Wonder Woman’ Star Slams Silence Over Hamas’ Violence Against Women

via Wonder Woman
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Israeli actress Gal Gadot has criticized the international community for its silence on the suffering of female victims in the October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel.

She condemned the rape, murder, and torture of women and girls during the assault, calling for urgent action.

Gadot urged international groups, including the United Nations, to demand the immediate release of all female hostages held by Hamas. (Trending: Tucker Reveals The Moment He Became A Full-Blown Trump Supporter) “The world has failed the women of October 7th. We claim we stand against rape, violence against women,” declared Gadot on social media.

“We will not let women be victimized and then silenced,” she continued.

Adding, “We say we believe women, stand with women, speak out for women.”

“This is our moment as women and allies of women to act,” encouraged Gadot.

The actress called on her fans to pressure local and U.N. officials to “demand that Hamas release every single woman hostage immediately.”

“These women cannot survive another moment of this horror,” insisted Gadot.

Eyewitness testimony detailed horrifying events, including beatings, rape, and beheadings.

According to The London Jewish Chronicle, Yoni Saadon, who hid under a stage, said: “I saw this beautiful woman with the face of an angel and eight or ten of the fighters beating and raping her.

“She was screaming, ‘Stop it—already I’m going to die anyway from what you are doing, just kill me!’ When they finished they were laughing and the last one shot her in the head,” recalled Saadon.

“They had caught a young woman near a car and she was fighting back, not allowing them to strip her,” he told the outlet.

“They threw her to the ground and one of the terrorists took a shovel and beheaded her and her head rolled along the ground. I see that head too,” lamented the survivor.

Gadot has previously supported the screening of a film documenting the atrocities committed by Hamas and emphasized the importance of empathy for victims and not falling for anti-Israel propaganda.

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