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Window Closing For 2024 Biden Challengers As Michigan Deadline Nears

via NBC News
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The window for last-minute Democratic primary challengers to President Joe Biden in the 2024 race is closing, with speculation over potential opponents despite practical difficulties in gaining ballot access.

Gov. Gavin Newsom has been subject to rumors, with critics noting his actions contradicting his verbal denial of running.

Candidates like Marianne Williamson and Rep. Dean Phillips are already on the primary ballot in Michigan, while others have until Dec. 8 to file a nominating petition. (Trending: Tucker Reveals The Moment He Became A Full-Blown Trump Supporter)

Republican strategist Jason Cabel Roe said, “there’s a lot more mischief on the left than there is on the right, right now.”

“And it’s mischief that can undercut Biden’s reelection,” added Roe.

“If we’re here in the 11th hour and you haven’t figured out how to get on the ballot, you’re probably in a tough spot,” explained the political strategist.

Adding, “I don’t think Biden has any risks as it relates to the primary.”

“They might not be ending up in the Republican column, but they are a vote that’s not going to the Democratic candidate. And given how purple Michigan truly is, every one of those matters significantly,” said Roe about third party supporters.

Rep. Haley Stevens said, “Last year, Michigan Democrats from top to bottom ran and won on the President’s agenda resulting in a historic Democratic trifecta in Lansing.”

“Michiganders know the President’s agenda is delivering for them, and haven’t forgotten the very real threat that the MAGA agenda of attacking our freedoms and leaving workers behind would have on our state. Michigan is Biden country, and the Biden campaign isn’t taking a single voter for granted as they put in the work to win next November,” the congresswoman said.

Concerns over Biden’s age and potential defection of voters to alternative candidates could impact the general election.

Michigan’s significance and key issues like abortion, healthcare, and the economy are expected to influence voter loyalty to major parties.

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