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Ivy League University Shuts Down Event Justifying Hamas’ Oct 7 Massacre

via ABC
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Columbia University’s administration shut down a pro-Palestinian student group’s planned discussion justifying Hamas’ attack on Israeli civilians.

The group’s event, focusing on the “Significance of the October 7th Palestinian Counteroffensive,” was not approved by the university and will not proceed as planned.

The university cited the promotion of violence as antithetical to its values. (Trending: Tucker Reveals The Moment He Became A Full-Blown Trump Supporter)

“We will discuss the significance of the Palestinian counteroffensive on October 7th and the centrality of revolutionary violence to anti-imperialism. See y’all there!” Columbia Social Workers 4 Palestine wrote on X.

“In advocating for Palestinian liberation, Palestinians have engaged in nonviolent resistance tactics for years. These peaceful actions have been met with tear gas and armed opposition by the Israeli government,” claimed the organization.

X’s Community Notes noted, “October 7 was not a ‘counteroffensive.’ There was a ceasefire in place that Hamas broke on Oct. 7., when it launched thousands of rockets, invading Israel, and committing hundreds of war crimes. The term ‘counteroffensive’ applies to Israel’s response, not the Hamas attack.”

Melissa Begg, the dean of Columbia School of Social Work, wrote in a statement, “We learned late last night of a flier and accompanying text being circulated about a December 6th event at the Columbia School of Social Work (CSSW).”

“This is not a CSSW-sponsored event,” added the dean.

“The students who organized the event did not seek approval for the fliers and text as required by CSSW processes. CSSW supports free speech but does not condone language that promotes violence in any manner, which is antithetical to our values. This event will not go forward at CSSW,” wrote Begg.

This decision follows the banning of two other student groups for holding an unsanctioned protest demanding a cease-fire in Gaza.

The situation underscores the ongoing tensions and controversies surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the university.

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