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Massive 1,700-Pound Great White Shark Tracked Just Off Us Coast

via CBS Mornings

OCEARCH has documented the movement of a 14-foot great white shark named Mahone off the coast of Georgia.

The shark was tagged in October 2020 and has traveled 17,834 miles since then.

OCEARCH is currently conducting its 46th ocean research expedition to learn more about white sharks as they migrate to the southeast United States. (Trending: Tucker Reveals The Moment He Became A Full-Blown Trump Supporter)

The organization has successfully tagged 92 white sharks and aims to reach a goal of 100 sharks sampled, tagged, and released in the western North Atlantic.

OCEARCH said the “Southeast Expedition” is to “learn more about our white sharks as they migrate to the southeast United States to begin their winter residency.”

“The focus of this expedition is mature white sharks to identify what oceanographic features and diet resources are important to them and how they utilize the overwintering area,” declared OCEARCH.

“Examination of these adult animals, and particularly female white sharks during this time of year, may help us better understand the reproductive cycle for the species,” explained the organization.

OCEARCH boasted, “successfully tagged 92 white sharks throughout the western North Atlantic, collecting data for up to 25 science projects that have enabled us to put together the pieces of the life history puzzle of the white shark in this region.”

“Our puzzle is nearly solved, with just 8 sharks left to reach our goal of 100 sharks sampled, tagged and released in the western North Atlantic,” added OCEARCH

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