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‘He Needs to Go’: Fetterman Throws ‘Sinister’ Democrat Under the Bus

via CBS Pittsburgh
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Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania criticized the House’s expulsion of Republican Rep. George Santos and called out Democratic Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey for alleged corruption, stating that Menendez should be ousted from the Senate.

Fetterman also expressed discomfort with the lack of adjudication in Menendez’s case and received support from Turning Point CEO Charlie Kirk.

This marks a rare instance of a Democrat calling out corruption within his own party. (Trending: Bombshell Email Uncovered Between Joe Biden And Hunter)

“Well, it’s like — I’m not surprised [about Santos],” Fetterman said.

“But to me, I think that the more important picture is that we have a colleague in the Senate that actually did much more sinister and serious kind of things — Sen. Menendez,” he added.

“He needs to go,” Fetterman declared.

“And if you are going to expel Santos, how can you allow somebody like Menendez to remain in the Senate?”, asked the Pennsylvania Democrat.

“And, you know, Santos … his kind of lies are almost funny… he landed on the moon, and that kind of stuff,” he continued.

Adding, “Whereas, you know, I think, you know, Menendez, I think is really a senator for Egypt, not New Jersey.”

“So I really think he needs to go, and especially it’s kind of strange that if Santos is not allowed to remain in the House, you know, someone like that …”, repeated Fetterman.

“Are you, though, uncomfortable with the fact there’s not been adjudication?” asked Hostin. “That while he has been charged, there hasn’t been a conviction?”

Fetterman emphasized, “I am, I am, and it’s like, he has the right for his day in court and all that, but he doesn’t have the right to have those kind of votes and things that — that’s not a right.”

“And I think we need to make that kind of decision to send him out,” he said.

Turning Point CEO Charlie Kirk wrote, “Whatever drugs they’re giving John Fetterman to start making sense, please start giving them to Joe Biden.”

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