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Biden’s Hometown Roars Against ‘Bidenomics’ With Unfiltered Outcry

via CNN
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President Biden’s recent claim to view the U.S. economy through the eyes of the people he grew up with in Scranton, Pennsylvania, was met with criticism from locals.

Many residents expressed discontent with the economy since Biden took office, with some indicating support for Trump in the 2024 election.

Additionally, the renaming of roadways in Scranton in honor of Biden was met with opposition by some locals, who feel that Biden does not accurately represent or understand Scranton. (Trending: Tucker Reveals The Moment He Became A Full-Blown Trump Supporter)

In a November post, Biden claimed that he does not, “look at the economy through the eyes of Wall Street and Park Avenue.”

“I look at it through the eyes of the people I grew up with in Scranton, Pennsylvania or Claymont, Delaware,” Biden wrote.

Robert Jones of Scranton said, “This economy sucks. I mean, everything’s going up except paychecks. I just think the economy sucks ever since Biden got in,” Jones added.

Local Democrat Kevin also criticized that state of his party, telling reporters, “I don’t think any of them see through the eyes of the people.”
Adding, “I think all of them see it through the eyes of Washington.”

“[The economy] has gotten worse,” he added.
“I’m a registered Democrat, but I’m not happy,” he confessed.

Jason from nearby Moscow, Pa., was not a fan of the renamings and ripped the president’s recent posting. He said Biden’s tweet was “not accurate” and that he “doesn’t see the economy, period.”

“He has no idea what’s going on – it’s an absolute mess,” Jason said. “He abandoned Scranton when he was 4 years old. So the fact he keeps using Scranton is hysterical.”

“I don’t think he has enough to say about what it really means to be ‘from here’ – I’ve been here my whole life,” Nellie, another Scaranton native.

“Washington is running all of the United States and should be. I know the governors make their own decisions and other elected officials – but enough is enough. The economy is horrible. Prices are way too high. People are struggling, and it’s just getting worse,” said Mark, who recently moved back to Scranton.

“I don’t understand why. Like, are we going back to Reaganomics that [sic] was so horrible that only the rich purveyed?”, lamented Mark.

“It’s a dump. And it could be so much [better]… When I came back here several years ago, I thought, my God, that building’s still empty… and it’s like the same people sitting on the same barstools, you know, 25 years later,” he said about Biden’s “hometown”.

“There are a lot of businesses that are wonderful – very expensive – but they’re wonderful. It’s like everywhere: Everyone’s trying to revive their downtown,” he said.

Adding, “I don’t really want to say I’m against him because of his age. But it’s to the point where I’m like: Really?”

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