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Trump Has A New Nickname for Nikki Haley

via Forbes Breaking News
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Nikki Haley responded to attacks from political opponents, claiming her campaign is “surging” in the polls.

She criticized former President Trump’s insults and defended her record, challenging Ron DeSantis to drop out of the race as she gains momentum.

Haley emphasized her accomplishments as South Carolina’s governor and outlined her priorities for her campaign. (Trending: Disgraced Democrat Sued For Sexual Assault)

Trump recently nicknamed “bird brain” and insisted she is a globalist concerned about the prosperity of other nations.

Haley responded, “Look, all these guys know that we’re surging in the polls so they’re all starting to hit.”

“The nickname, he’s losing it, it’s not even a funny nickname. I don’t even think it was that great,” continued Haley. “But you look at everything else he says, he knows how strong I was when it came to China. I was actually tougher on China than he was.”

“He just handled the trade part of China, but he didn’t do anything about the fentanyl flow, he didn’t do anything about them stealing intellectual property, he didn’t do anything about them buying U.S. land, he didn’t do anything about defeating all of the intrusion that was happening in our universities from police stations to creating a spy center off the coast of Cuba.”

“We’re gonna have to deal with all of that because he didn’t deal with any of it,” she added.

Despite facing attacks, she remains focused on making Americans “strong and proud.”

Haley has gained momentum in the polls and secured strong endorsements, launching a $10 million ad blitz in Iowa and New Hampshire.

She has surpassed DeSantis in some polls but still trails behind Trump.

“I’ve always said it’s a personal decision to get into a race, it’s a personal decision to get out of a race,” Haley said. “I’m never going to tell a candidate to get out of the race. That’s their decision. It’s up to Ron. But I think you can look at where we are right now. We’re second in the polls in Iowa, second in New Hampshire, second in South Carolina.”

“We’re gonna keep working hard, we’re gonna keep staying focused, and we’re gonna get this done at the end of the day,” she added.

“I think he went after my record as governor because he’s losing,” Haley said. “I mean, who else can spend $100 million and drop half in the polls. My record as governor is clear. I took a state that had 11% unemployment, we dropped it down to 4%. We were known as the Beast of the Southeast because we created so many jobs and brought so many companies in…. I’m proud of my record. South Carolinians should be proud of our record.”

“We’re gonna let the world know America is back,” she said.

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