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Hamas Founder’s Son Urges Israel to Kill Own Father If All Hostages Are Not Released

via CBN News
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Mosab Hassan Yousef, also known as the Son of Hamas, urged Israel to set a timeframe for Hamas to release hostages in Gaza, proposing that if the hostages are not returned within the given time, Israel should execute top Hamas leaders in prison, including his own father, Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef.

He emphasized the need for precision in targeting Hamas to minimize civilian casualties.

As the ceasefire in Gaza neared expiration, international mediators sought to extend it for the release of hostages and Palestinian prisoners held by Israel. (Trending: Greta Thunberg Caught on Video Going Full Anti-Semite)

“Israel cannot continue like this … Hamas must have a timeframe – a month or two or six months – to return the hostages and if they don’t return the hostages within the time frame, Israel must execute top Hamas leaders in prison, especially the mass murderers,” said Yousef.

“When I say execute top leaders, I mean no exceptions, that includes my own father,” he said. “I made a mistake, 10 or 15 years ago when I saved his life many times … He was supposed to die for his actions. I saved his life. Things did not change, things got worse.”

“If this is what Hamas wants, the release of those mass murderers, then in my opinion this is the head of the snake,” he added in a reference to prisons in Israel.

“I know Israel has avoided targeting civilians, but at this stage, we try even more carefully and we be more precise in our targets,” he said.

Israel agreed to extend the truce for every ten hostages freed, while facing pressure to avoid a ground offensive and end Hamas’s rule in Gaza.

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