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Young Chiefs Fan Says Whether He’ll Continue Painting His Face

via FOX
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A 9-year-old Kansas City Chiefs fan faced backlash and accusations of racism for wearing black and red face paint and a Native American costume to support his favorite team.

The criticism from leftist sports media outlets, including accusations of racism, led to national attention and an overwhelming response from the cancel-culture mob.

Despite the controversy, the boy’s family revealed their Native American heritage, and the father expressed anger over the unwarranted scrutiny. (Trending: Greta Thunberg Caught on Video Going Full Anti-Semite)

The boy, Holden Armenta, continued to defiantly support his team and expressed nervousness about potential overreactions at school.

“Holden can wear whatever he wants. And Americans can wear whatever we want,” Fox News’ Jesse Watters said.

“It’s been a lot. It’s been a pretty crazy couple days. I was mad, upset — upset for him — mad that he’s upset,” Bubba Armenta said.

“It’s OK cause a lot of kids at school are getting excited. But it’s starting to get me a little nervous because if they go a little bit overboard, it’s a little scary,” Holden said.

“He asked me ten minutes ago if he can paint his face before we go live,” Bubba Armenta said.

“I don’t even know what to think about that. It’s kind of — it’s a little too late for that. The damage is already done,” the father said of a potential apology from the journalist who shamed Holden.

“It’s been a whirlwind of comments coming even from other tribes, from tribal members. Some think it’s OK. Some think it’s not OK. It’s a 9-year-old boy supporting his team,” Bubba Armenta said.

He also continued to participate in his youth football team, showing no plans to change his support for his favorite team.

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