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Biden Trashes Republicans: ‘They Want To Go Back To The Bad Old Days’

via Fox News
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President Joe Biden criticized Republicans during a visit to the CS Wind facility in Pueblo, Colorado, emphasizing the company’s expansion as a validation of his environmental agenda.

The visit took place in the congressional district of Rep. Lauren Boebert, a vocal critic of Biden’s climate policies.

Biden’s remarks were seen as a pushback against “MAGA Republicans” as he aims to gain political ground ahead of the next election. (Trending: Biden Shamefully Removes God From National Address)

“Did you all know that you’re part of a massive failure?” Biden said to workers.

“None of that sounds like a massive failure to me. How about you?”

“Joe Biden coming to my district probably helps me win reelection,” Boebert said of the visit.

The visit is significant as the district is a key target for Democrats in the upcoming House of Representatives election.

Biden also defended his policies, rejecting claims that they are socialist and emphasizing investments in America.

“My plan is rooted win hat has always worked best for this country: Investing in America. Investing in Americans,” Biden said.

“We’re now investing in America,” he later pressed.

“They want to go back to the bad old days, when corporations looked around the world to find the cheapest labor they could find, to send the jobs overseas, and then import the products back to the United States,” Biden said of the Right.

“They just don’t give up,” he said. “But guess what: We won’t let these things happen.”

His visit to Pueblo followed a recent memorial service in Atlanta and a fundraiser in Denver.

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