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Biden Admin Proposes To Require Pipes To Be Replaced Within A Decade

via ABC 7 Chicago
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The Biden administration has proposed a plan to replace lead drinking water pipes within 10 years, allocating $15 billion to the effort.

This comes nearly a decade after the Flint water crisis, which exposed nearly 100,000 people to elevated lead levels.

“This is a public health concern that has unfortunately spanned generations and an issue that has disproportionately impacted low income and minority communities,” EPA Administrator Michael Regan said. (Trending: Disgraced Democrat Sued For Sexual Assault)

“Everyone in this country should be able to turn on their tap for a glass of water and know that it’s safe to drink.”

“This rule will create a measurable impact on the lives of our kids, also in the well-being and the global competitiveness of our nation,” Hanna-Attisha stated.

“This also makes economic sense. We have paid the price of our inaction from decreased economic productivity, health care cost, education, across criminal justice costs, the list goes on. We will reap the massive societal savings of doing this important, proactive work.”

“This rule is historic. It is a game changer for kids and communities everywhere.”

The EPA’s proposed rule aims to replace lead service lines, improve corrosion control treatment, and strengthen regulations to reduce lead exposure.

“Moving from 15 parts per billion to 10 parts per billion is a very significant public health improvement. It is going to compel a significant number of water systems to be taking interim measures like corrosion control,” stated Radhika Fox, the EPA’s chief water regulator.

“Getting the lead out means healthier children and healthier adults. It means less hospital visits and lower health care costs. And it means good paying jobs in our overburdened and underserved communities all across the country,” Regan said.

“We’ve already made significant progress, but this is only the beginning. Every day we are one step closer to a 100% lead free future for all. And our agency will not rest until we make this dream a reality.”

The proposal would also reduce the threshold for lead levels in water samples and is estimated to have significant public health benefits.

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