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WH Reporter Chews Up 69 Seconds Letting Everyone Know Who She’s Friends With

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White House correspondent April Ryan discussed her conversation with Stevie Wonder during a White House press briefing, raising the music legend’s concerns about voting rights and other issues.

Ryan inquired if President Biden would meet with Wonder to address these concerns, highlighting Wonder’s historical contributions to civil rights and voting rights.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre acknowledged Wonder’s significance and contributions but did not confirm any scheduled meetings with the president. (Trending: Donald Trump Confronts Bud Light CEO)

“I had an in-depth conversation with Stevie Wonder last night, who is asking, requesting a meeting with the president,” said Ryan.

“He’s very concerned about the black agenda falling along the wayside and issues like laws of 50 years ago that are now being abolished or gutted, to include issues like the Voting Rights Act, what happened in Arkansas last week, affirmative action, Supreme Court as we’ve seen it, a ban on books, and he’s also even brought up issues of the Congo and the lack of information from the White House,” continued the WH correspondent.

“Is the White House amenable to sitting down with Stevie Wonder, who has met with presidents throughout history to include Ronald Reagan. He was one of the major impetus for getting the holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and also, he was one of those who worked with President Obama in his efforts to become president. Is this president amenable to meeting with Stevie Wonder, who has these concerns?” asked Ryan.

“You’re right, April, what you just laid out in your question is incredibly important, and so we take that very, very seriously here,” began Jean-Pierre.

“Can I just say a couple things about Stevie Wonder?”, exclaimed Biden’s Press Secretary.

“He is indeed an icon, who’s made tremendous, tremendous contributions to the civil rights movement and also voting rights,” said Jean-Pierre.

“And as you just listed out, he was one of the main — main voices in getting Dr. Martin Luther King Day, and we appreciate that. We appreciate his brilliance, and we certainly, we appreciate what he’s been able to do on behalf of the community,” added the WH spokesperson.

“So I can’t, as far as a meeting with the president, certainly, I’m not aware of any meetings with, with Mr. Wonder, or any scheduled meetings, and I don’t have anything to announce, obviously, at this time,”said Pierre, deflecting the question.

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