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Meet the Real Threat To Democracy

via ABC News (Australia)
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The recent electoral victories of right-leaning populists have drawn attention, but the rise of left-leaning populists is equally significant.

Populism, regardless of ideological leaning, blames societal issues on out-of-touch elites and claims to represent the “real people.”

While right-leaning populists have received considerable attention, the increasing political strength of left-leaning populists, such as Ireland’s Sinn Fein and France’s La France Insoumise, has been overlooked. (Trending: Biden Shamefully Removes God From National Address)

These parties hold radical views on foreign and economic policy, including support for Hamas and Russia, and advocate for policies that challenge the Western consensus.

The emergence of leftist populism in Germany, exemplified by Sahra Wagenknecht’s new party, further highlights the growing influence of this political movement.

The disparity in media coverage between left-leaning and right-leaning populists is concerning, especially considering the potential impact of leftist populism on Western values.

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