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DC Mayor Drops Big Bucks To Fix BLM Street Mural As Crime Skyrockets

via Forbes Breaking News
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The Washington, D.C., government spent $271,231 to refurbish the “Black Lives Matter” street painting as crime rates in the city have been increasing.

The city contracted with a local vendor for the project.

“DC crime is out of control but local leaders continue to waste $270,000 in tax money promoting the extremist Black Lives Matter movement in the heart of Washington DC that is racist, anti-police, anti-American, and often violent,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton stated. (Trending: Biden Shamefully Removes God From National Address)

“As a black and women owned DC business, we couldn’t be prouder of our crew. A lot of elbow grease went into this project and we are incredibly happy with how it turned out,” the vendor wrote.

“Thanks for Helping us Change the World, One Line at a Time.”

Crime in D.C. has been on the rise, with homicides increasing by 34% and robberies up by 68%.

“With regard to crime, yes, there is considerable concern,” Mendelson said previously.

“But while perception is important, the reality is less concerning. Let me be clear: People should feel safe, and it is a problem that many residents of the district don’t.”

“I know this belies the common belief – and when it comes to crime, how people feel is important – but there is not a crime crisis in Washington, D.C.”

“I was not denying the importance of public safety,” Mendelson pressed.

“The increase in crime is, of course, a concern. But back in March when I testified, Congressman Comer was suggesting a ‘crisis’ to justify taking away the District’s Home Rule.”

“I don’t agree with that. In fact, Congress has gotten in the way of our efforts to fight crime by under-resourcing local prosecutions, cutting local police funding, and interfering with our ability to control illegal cannabis sales.”

There have been disputes between Congress and the D.C. council over crime proposals, and there are differing opinions on whether there is a crime crisis in the city.

“The crime is out of control and getting worse by the day,” Democratic D.C. council member Trayon White Sr. said.

“We must declare an emergency regarding the crime and violence in our neighborhoods and act urgently. It may be time to call on the National Guard to protect the children and innocent people that are losing their lives to this senselessness.”

“I am tired of burying our children. We are too comfortable with the state of our city. We must take action to gain control and protect our residents,” he added.

“Law enforcement is only one part of how we combat public safety issues. It will take all of us to heal our community.”

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