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‘Daily Show’ Host Calls Out Trump’s Latest Swerve

via CBS News
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Michelle Wolf, guest hosting “The Daily Show,” criticized Donald Trump’s apparent shift to a moderate stance on abortion, suggesting it is a strategic move.

She mocked Trump’s change in tone, likening it to the Kool-Aid man caring about walls too late.

Wolf also impersonated Trump, sarcastically claiming to bring back Roe v. Wade. (Trending: Donald Trump Confronts Bud Light CEO)

“Yeah, Trump, a moderate on abortion,” the comedian said.

“It’s like the Kool-Aid man suddenly caring about walls. It’s too late, dude, the damage is done, you big red b—-.”

“What happened to Roe v. Wade folks? Come on? Obama lost them.”

“We’re gonna bring back Roe, we’re gonna bring back Wade, I talked to both of them.”

“I love to make deals,” she mocked.

She questioned Trump’s credibility on the issue, highlighting his previous actions and the impact on the GOP.

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