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Liberal Outlet Has A Problem With Coat Worn By Melania Trump

via CNN
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The media has criticized Melania Trump for wearing a gray coat with black specks to a funeral, despite the fact that dark colors are generally accepted at funerals.

News outlets and social media users have made a big deal out of the matter, but many believe it is an unnecessary and obnoxious focus on Melania Trump’s attire.

“EVERYONE wears black, especially at a funeral like Rosalynn Carter’s, but not Melania Trump. She wears gray. She stands out like the sore thumb that she is, God forbid she should ever set foot in the oval office again,” read one post. (Trending: Donald Trump Confronts Bud Light CEO)

“It would be a different story if Melania Trump wore hot pink, or bright red, but rather she chose a somber gray, which is a perfectly acceptable color for funerals,” one fashion expert noted.

Even the New York Post received backlash for their coverage of the issue.

“Melania Trump wore a gray coat to Rosalynn Carter’s funeral,” one X user posted.

“Other First Ladies wore black coats. Wow. This is newsworthy.”

“Who cares what color coat she wore?”

“Proves they’ll attack the Trumps on anything.”

Ultimately, it seems that any action by Melania Trump will be scrutinized and criticized by the media.

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