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It’s Time To Expose The Hamas Lie Of Inflated Civilian Casualties

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The Israel Defense Forces spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, accused Hamas of inflating civilian casualty numbers in Gaza, stating that the figures are false and that Hamas is attempting to conceal combatant deaths.

He criticized global organizations for accepting these numbers without skepticism and emphasized that the IDF is fact-checking and comparing the data.

Conricus highlighted the IDF’s efforts to minimize civilian casualties and stated that they focus on fighting against the enemy, Hamas, while respecting humanitarian law. (Trending: Donald Trump Confronts Bud Light CEO.)

“We will expose the Hamas lie of inflated civilian casualties in Gaza, just like we have dismantled all their other lies,” he posted.

“As every day goes by, we learn of additional Hamas combatant deaths. We will continue to fight Hamas while respecting humanitarian law.”

“I think those numbers issued by the Hamas-controlled entities in Gaza are, simply put, false. They are exaggerated numbers of women, children, and the elderly.”

“The biggest age group, the part of the demographic of Gaza that you see heavily underrepresented in the Palestinian figures, are men at the age of 17-35, which is the combat age of men.”

“They’re not there. And it doesn’t compute with the general population of Gaza; men are at least 49% or 50% of the population yet they are very little to be found in the list of casualties; that doesn’t compute.”

“And I think what the Palestinians are trying to do, what Hamas is trying to do, is to inflate the amount of civilians killed and deflate and hide the amount of combatants killed,” he pressed.

“Not the first time Hamas has tried to do this.”

“What we are busy doing is fact-checking and referencing dead terrorists that we are aware of and then comparing that to the list of names and numbers that Hamas has given out; finding the discrepancies and then we will be showing that to the world and again exposing another lie: of how Hamas manipulates information; how they like and try to deceive,” Conricus said.

“I want to emphasize we try our best not to kill civilians; we give early warnings; we have them move out of the combat area,” he later added.

“We even do roof knocking and we give warning shots and wherever feasible, we try to minimize what we call collateral damage, but basically, in plain language, killing civilians. That’s not what we’re after. We’re after Hamas. The sad situation is that Hamas uses women and children, schools, hospitals, mosques, in order to hide behind. That is why there are civilian casualties. We will continue to fight according to humanitarian law; we will continue to restrict our forces and fight only against the enemy.”

“Against the enemy we will continue to fight very hard. That shouldn’t be confused. We will be very forceful against the enemy but we will focus our combat capabilities on the enemy alone.”

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